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Do you have a relative who served as crew during the war? Maybe you have old photos of them in uniform, lined up with the rest of their crew......

I receive many requests to paint scenes depicting WWII aircraft/crew where a family relative was a crew member. It's a great way of paying tribute to their contribution and service during the war and brings those memories and stories to life in a painting that will be cherished and passed down through future generations.

If this is something you are potentially interested in having done, then please read on.....

Anything is possible when it comes to your painting. For example, you have a photo of the crew, but they're not infront of their aircraft; or maybe they are infront, but too close and you'd also like to see the aircraft with noseart and markings.

Whatever it is, I can make it happen! Here is a perfect example of how I can position crew in a way to show more of the aircraft. Below is the original photo I worked from and then the painting I created of them infront of their B-17 aircraft "The Noble Effort"

I can also create collage style scenes where the relative/family member is also depicted as a larger portrait within the painting. Here are two examples....

If you'd like a quote for a painting, then please scroll down to the "QUOTE" button where you can send me an email enquiry.

You can view more of my paintings via the menu above. Here are a few more examples of various composition styles

Click the button below to send me your enquiry. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully creating your perfect painting.

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