Lancaster "Queenie" ND392 (AR-Q) 460 Sqn RAAF, RAF Binbrook. This is a remarkable story and a painting which was truly an honour to create for my customer, whose father was the flight engineer.

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The painting depicts the events on the night of 22nd March 1944, when the crew were nearly all killed when their Lancaster got shot up by a Ju88R over Frankfurt. They managed to survive, still deliver their bomb load over the target and return safely to base in their badly damaged aircraft.

When they got back to RAF Binbrook, they found a tracer shell had made a furrow all along one fuel tank, burned itself out but had not pierced the tank. If it had, the plane would basically have exploded with about 55% fuel as well as the full bomb load!

I have included above a photo showing damage to the rear of the aircraft! They thought the tail gunner was dead; but although badly wounded, he survived! The mid upper gunner baled out and was a POW and the rest of the crew had no choice but to return to base as their parachutes were damaged.

The crew were decorated for their heroism; with my customers father receiving the DFM for physically holding the plane together all the way home.

Below is a gallery showcasing all of the progress. Please click on any image to start browsing the gallery

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