March 17, 2021


This painting has been commissioned by RAF Fighter Pilot and former Tornado Display Team member; Gp Capt Jon Nixon. The scene features TI (ZD895) from XV Squadron during an air display practice at their home base RAF Lossiemouth in 2004.


I am offering something very unique with this print! The option to Personalise the jet when ordering the extra large print size

Change to canopy name(s)

It's your opportunity to have your name under the canopy! It's also a fantastic way of having a partner, other family member or friend teaming up with yourself above Lossiemouth! Example:
Flt Lt M Emeny

Change to canopy name(s)
Change to ac tail letter & number
Change to Squadron markings

Whether a previous working relationship with the Tornado or simply an avid fan who misses this amazing jet; this option is for you. Especially if you were stationed with a particular squadron or have a favourite.

Individually hand painted onto your print giving you that extra special limited edition, signed piece of artwork.

Sizes, prices & upgrades

Paper size: 20.75"x16.625"
Image size: 18.625"x13.375"

Paper size: 23.625"x19"
Image size: 21.25"x15.25"

Paper size: 26.5"x21.25"
Image size: 23.75"x17"

Paper size: 29.375"x23.5"
Image size: 26.375"x18.875"

Paper size: 29.375"x23.5"
Image size: 26.375"x18.875"

Paper size: 29.375"x23.5"
Image size: 26.375"x18.875"

Individually artist signed: Yes
Certificate of authenticity: Yes
Framed: No


Scene Description

In the scene, Flt Lt Jon Nixon and Navigator Flt Lt Jon Greenhowe have come in from the sea at high speed (600kts) over the golf course, pulling up at 100 feet over the main runway (23), and starting to enter into a vertical climb. The viewpoint is looking down at the climbing jet which is placed at approximately 3-500 feet.

From Gp Capt Jon Nixon

Gp Capt Jon Nixon pictured above when he was Display Pilot

For the instructors on XV(Reserve) Squadron, being selected to be the Tornado Display Crew was fiercely competed for each year and it was a huge privilege to be able to fly as the 2003 and 2004 RAF Tornado GR4 Display Pilot. With over 100 flying displays completed to millions of people across the UK and Europe over the two year stint, it remains to this day one of my real highlights of my military flying career. The Tornado GR Display Team were based out of RAF Lossiemouth for many years and I felt it fitting that the picture captures the end of one of our many display practices at our home base.

An awesome aircraft on operations, the Tornado GR1/4 had many strengths and was originally designed to fly at high speeds and ultra low level for the Cold War. Like many of the display crews before us (and after), our sequence ended with the inevitable high speed low level pass with a max G pull-up in to the vertical to perform a ‘Zoom Climb’. The painting aims to capture our 2004 Display Jet entering the Zoom Climb at the end of one of our in season practice displays.

I will be forever grateful to XV(Reserve) Squadron for the support and the memories - my two Tornado Display Team navigators (Stu and Jon), the amazing engineers, the aircrew and the brilliant support staff. I also thank the local community who were then and continue to be incredibly supportive to RAF Lossiemouth.

Finally, I hope that you all enjoy seeing the painting develop and share my excitement in capturing what I am sure will be, a truly tremendous painting of the mighty Tornado GR4.

Gp Capt Jon Nixon

A closer look at the detail

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If you would like to commission a painting for yourself, your squadron or as a gift, then please CLICK HERE for details

Sizes available to suit different budgets

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