THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Limited Edition Print

Featuring Vulcan XM607 during a test flight (April 1979), following her last major service at RAF St Athan. At the time XM607 was with RAF IX(B) Squadron.

The title is reference to the calm nature of its test flight, compared to the dangers of the Falklands bombing raid.

Caught in the beam of Nash Point Lighthouse, Marcross, the jet gracefully banks as she follows the coastline, heading back to RAF St Athan.

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* High quality reproduction of an original painting, capturing accurately all aspects of the painted scene

* Produced on heavy weight archival grade 100% acid free media

* No more than the stated number of prints in an edition can be produced

* Your print number is unique (no duplicates) and form part of the edition

* The artist has numbered, signed, dated and examined each print in the edition

* An accompanying certificate is your guarantee of the prints authenticity

* All of the above add value to your print; the next best thing to owning an original painting


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4 comments on “THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Limited Edition Print”

  1. Sandra Cook says:

    Have just received my print of the Vulcan at Nash Point.
    My favourite aircraft flying over a lighthouse which is about 5 miles walk from my house.
    My husband wasa RAF fitter who worked on the Vulcans.
    Gives me enormous pleasure having it on my wall.

  2. Sandra Cook says:

    I have just taken my print to the local framers. Just as I am, he was very impressed with it.
    The scene is a few miles from where I live. I go there often.
    The painting is true of the lighthouse and area. How wonderful to see my favourite aircraft flying over it.
    This is a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ painting and I LOVE it.

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