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The Lt. Coleman B-24 Crew

Thank you for visiting this painting blog following the progress of my current commissioned painting: The Lt. Coleman B-24 Crew. You can also reserve limited edition prints without deposit or commitment (see below).

Here is the most recent update...

I'm on the home stretch now. Two more B-24s to finish with fine detail and some more detail to the island and a few other areas and then it's finished. I should complete Wednesday

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Scene Details

This painting is featuring a B-24 bomb raid over Yap island, targeting the airfield. The main B-24 depicted is a 'J' variant, ‪#44-40598‬ recently off the production line and unpainted named "The Coleman Crew". The name taken from the pilot Lt. Gerald Coleman.

The crew was part of the 13th Air Force, 307th Bombardment Group and 372nd Bombardment Squadron and on June 25th 1944 they bombed Yap along with four other squadrons.

Tragically, after bombs away their plane was shot down by a Japanese Zero that did a head-on pass. Their cockpit was hit with 20mm shells likely killing the pilots. They were in the last squadron to hit the airfield that day.

The painting is depicting "The Coleman Crew" seconds after dropping their bomb load and moments prior to the strike by the Zero which they will face once they make their 090 turn. The Zero fighter will be on the horizon banking round.

The B-24 ahead of "The Coleman Crew" is "Frenisi" #42-40323

Although a lot of B-24’s were lost, other losses included F6F-5 Hellcats, Corsairs, TBF Avengers and Helldivers.

There were 20 fighters attacking the formation and some moderate AA fire (flak). So really a full on scene to depict!

Print Details

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