2024 LONDON MARATHON - Read my story here

I will be running the 2024 London Marathon and raising money for Evelina London Children's Charity, because without them two of my sons wouldn't be here today. Please read on.....

Evelina is very close to my heart as my two youngest sons were both born with heart defects. Both had life saving open heart surgery before they were 4 months old at Evelina Childrens hospital and without the Evelina they wouldn’t be here today.

E (now 6) was born with Tetralogy of Fallots, which was fortunately detected at the 20 week scan at our local hospital. This meant he had 4 defects in his heart which included a large hole between the bottom two chambers, his aorta was connected in the wrong place and his pulmonary artery was narrow. E had open heart surgery at 16 weeks at Evelina to fit a patch to the hole and stretch his pulmonary artery. Whilst E’s repair was a success, during the surgery his pulmonary valve was damaged and he will require an operation in the future to repair the valve; but hopefully not until he's in his teens.

S (now 2) was born with transposition of the great arteries, this meant the aorta and pulmonary artery had switched places where they connected to his heart. He had open heart surgery at only 10 days old to reposition his arteries to the correct place. His immediate recovery from surgery was very traumatic with a cardiac arrest and 7 minute fight to restart his heart!

The care our boys recieved from The medical team at Evelina, St Thomas's, London was fantastic. Although a very traumatic experience at the time, today both E & S are remarkably well and energetic. My wife Kerry and I couldn't of got through all the above without Evelina and the work they do in supporting young patients and family!

I have pledged to raise a minimum of £2500 for the vital work of Evelina... BUT... I would love to see that target well exceeded and I know I can do this with generous donations from family, friends and followers of my art business "Emeny Art". So please give whatever you can to support other children and families like ours.

Thanks for your support!

Matthew, Kerry and family.

My youngest son Solomon had to be born at St Thomas's hospital in London; and that was the inspiration for the painting "Reds over London" I painted it for him and added his date of birth on the side of St Thomas's in the painting and I also set the time of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey to his time of birth. So if you're completing the puzzle and discover some numbers; you'll know why!

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