A R T   C A R E

Great care goes into creating original paintings and producing prints and I would like to provide my customers with some useful information to help protect artwork once it has left my studio. 


Paintings and prints are securely packaged using extra strong postal tubes with an additional outer layer of parcel wrap. The artwork itself is rolled in 100% acid free tissue paper and held together with coloured paper tape and should come out of the tube comfortably.

Please untuck the tissue paper from the ends of the rolled artwork first.

The coloured tape should peel away easily without the need to cut. Then gently unroll carefully.

Certificates of authenticity are rolled inside the artwork.


I paint using Gouache which is a water based paint; so keep away from sources of water as the paint can reactivate if it gets wet. Likewise, prints must also be kept dry. Avoid touching the image side of a painting or print as although dry, oils from hands/skin can easily transfer and show. This is especially the case with prints; particularly with darker inks. It is recommended to keep your artwork stored inside the tube until you are ready for framing.


I believe framing is a personal choice and is nice for customers to have their own input on how the painting or print is presented. There are various options available regarding the presentation/framing of artwork; all of which is down to personal taste. Unframed art is also safer and more affordable to ship.

If you take your artwork to Framers, then they will help you try various frame styles, colours and matting/mount options.

I highly recommend quality archival grade glass if that is an option. This will offer UV protection and also has anti-glare properties which almost gives the impression there is no glass at all.

Once framed, it is advised to hang your painting or print out of direct sunlight.

E M E N Y   A R T

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