'The Calm & Silvery Sea'

Tribute to Wing Commander Guy Gibson of 617 Squadron during Operation Chastise; WWII Dam raids. I have now finished this commissioned hand painted Gouache scene. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I made good use of my new small brushes to pack as much detail into what's only an A4 (11.7"x8.3") scene. At […]

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NEW PRINT 'Our Home for now'

Now available! Limited edition, artist signed Giclee print. Crew 54 of Squadron VPB-112 arriving at Port Lyautey Naval Air Station, Morocco on 17th October 1944. A very happy Groom received his Groomsmen gift at his wedding today! I was commissioned by his friend to paint his grandfathers aircraft. If you would like to commission a […]

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Now available! Limited edition, artist signed Giclee print featuring B-25J "Weezie" ACFT 33983 of the 47th Bomb squadron. On July 1st 1945 they took part (along with the 48th), in the first B-25 raid over Japan since the Doolittle Raiders in April 1942, strafing her targets just as she was made for. The wingman depicted […]

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E M E N Y   A R T

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