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People can easily assume that commissioning a professional artist to paint a scene is going to be beyond their budget; however, that's not always the case. My pricing is sensible and I'm often told by those I've done paintings for, how reasonable my prices are. I also paint a variety of sizes to help suit different budgets. So with that in mind; please get in touch, run your scene idea by me and I will provide you with a detailed quote for your painting project.

Here's a good example of how I can use an old faded photo to create something just what the customer is after. In this painting I panned out to include more of the aircraft whilst keeping Crew Chief and Pilot the main focus. I also made a few other changes as requested such as markings and weapons load. The Crew Chief on the left also has a little bit more of a smile.

I receive many requests to paint scenes depicting WWII aircraft; especially where a crew member is a family relative. It's a great way of paying tribute to their contribution and service during the war and brings those memories and stories to life in a painting that will be cherished and passed down through future generations.

Do you have a story to tell? Would you like to see a scene brought to life featuring a particular aircraft/Squadron and setting? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Here's another example of how I can take a photo reference and create a whole new scene by including more than originally shown.

As well as accepting commissioned work from individuals, I also produce paintings for Squadrons around the World.

It's not just military aircraft that I paint. I enjoy creating eye capturing scenes of all kinds of aircraft in various settings.

My professional career started primarily based around the subject of military aviation. However, over the past couple of years I've had an increase in commission requests asking me to depict Maritime scenes, such as the Navy and SAR (Search and Rescue).

I paint a variety of sizes and ensure that I fit as much detail into a painting as physically possible regardless of size. Although the larger the painting, the more detail I can include; I still ensure that even the smaller scenes are detailed enough to look realistic and believable. 

I achieve this fine intricate detail by using some of the finest brushes available to create paintings that not only look realistic and detailed from a distance, but also attract the viewer to a high level of accurate detail when observed up close.

Some of the most emotional projects to work on are those remembering individuals who are no longer with us. Recently I created these two scenes depicting pilots who tragically died in the prime of their lives.

In memory of Major Blair "BAMA" Faulkner
In memory of Lt David "MEZr" Schmitz

I place as much enthusiasm and skill into every painting I create and thoroughly enjoy the non aviation subjects I am asked to paint.

I never second guess details and study as much reference material as possible to ensure accuracy. Customers are also provided with regular progress updates throughout a project.

Commissioned paintings are created on high quality Arches Hot Pressed paper. I use Gouache to create my paintings as this medium allows me to achieve the highest levels of detail compared to other less fine paints.

A certificate of Authenticity is supplied with every commission and gives detail of the scene as well as materials used.

I accept commissions Worldwide and with shipping costing between £10-35 depending on painting size and destination. This price includes all packaging materials and shipping insurance using a tracked service.


If you have something in mind you would like me to paint, then please send me an email via the contact button below. Please include a description of your scene requirements.

I aim to response within 24 hours, but usually much sooner. If you haven't received a reply in your inbox by then, please check your spam folder just incase it's been misdirected.


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