Original paintings - a sound investment

Did you know that when you commission me to create an original painting; you're not only having a piece of art that you can admire and a talking piece for your wall; original art can also be a good investment......

Paintings have the potential for great long-term appreciation, and depending on the artist, often increase in value over time, making an attractive asset for collectors as well as investors looking to diversify.

With the subject of military aviation, I am often depicting events from history which no camera has captured and this adds an additional unique quality to the scene, and attractiveness to collectors.

So, whether you want a painting that you can appreciate and pass on to family, or possibly sell in the future; an original painting is a great idea and something worth considering!

My commission prices are fair and sensiblly priced. I am more interested in making my art available and affordable to as many people as possible, than charging unrealistic amounts. I also paint a variety of sizes which help suit different budgets.

I very much look forward to hearing what you'd like me to paint!

Click below to send me your enquiry and request my pricelist.

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