ZURMAT CHECKPOINT - "THEY'RE RUNNING!" - Limited Edition Giclee Print

An A-10C Warthog from the 354th Fighter Squadron unleashes a torrent of 30mm High Explosive Incendiary on an illegal Taliban checkpoint.

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An A-10C Warthog from the 354th Fighter Squadron unleashes a torrent of 30mm High Explosive Incendiary on an illegal Taliban checkpoint. Upon hearing the characteristic whine of the A-10C's engines spooling up for a guns pass, eight Taliban fighters who had been brutalizing the local populace who voted in the national election make an ill-fated attempt to reach their weapons-laden motorcycles and escape. As the controller yells "They're running" over the radio, the A-10C pilot calmly adjusts his aimpoint and hammers down, sealing the Taliban fighter's fate.


Title: Zurmat Checkpoint - "They're running!"
Print method: Giclee
Number of prints in the edition: 100 (all sizes combined make up a total of 100 prints)

Paper size: 20.75"x15.875"
Image size: 18.625"x13.375"

Paper size: 23.625"x18.125"
Image size: 21.25"x15.25"

Paper size: 26.5"x20.25"
Image size: 23.75"x17"

Paper size: 29.375"x22.5"
Image size: 26.375"x18.875"

Individually artist signed: Yes
Certificate of authenticity: Yes
Framed: No




* High quality reproduction of an original painting, capturing accurately all aspects of the painted scene

* Produced on heavy weight archival grade 100% acid free media

* No more than the stated number of prints in an edition can be produced

* Your print number is unique (no duplicates) and form part of the edition

* The artist has numbered, signed, dated and examined each print in the edition

* An accompanying certificate is your guarantee of the prints authenticity

* All of the above add value to your print; the next best thing to owning an original painting


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2 reviews for ZURMAT CHECKPOINT - "THEY'RE RUNNING!" - Limited Edition Giclee Print

  1. Gary Watson

    Having been a crew chief on A-10's in the past, I was thrilled with the amount of detail that Mr. Emeny was able to put into this painting! Also the fact that the aircraft depicted is from Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona where I spent a good portion of my USAF career made it a must have. Nothing has been left off this painting and the A-10 is shown in all it's grace and beauty. I am proud to display this on my wall as the centerpiece of my A-10 art. Thank you Matthew for a lasting memory!

  2. Comet

    Absolutely love my print of Zurmat Checkpoint. The quality and accuracy is by far the best I have seen. I have it displayed in my office and receive complements constantly. Big thanks for Matthew for his excellent work!

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